2020 Speakers

Sarah Dunsmore giving her keynote address in 2014.


Ericka Glorious Moore

I am here to help you know your true value so you can discover your true potential and accomplish the dreams so big inside you.

Ericka Glorious MooreDo you have dreams inside of you, but thought to yourself:

  1. I am not good enough?
  2. I am not smart enough?
  3. I made too many mistakes?
  4. Who would listen to me?
  5. I am “damaged goods”?
  6. I have wasted too much time?

Ericka grew up feeling these exact thoughts for many years. From being bullied constantly in school for how she looked, not fitting in, rejection, wrong relationships, low-self esteem and bankrupt at the age of 26, she had to make a decision that would change her life forever. She went through the journey of healing, forgiveness and reestablishing her value and standards.

She has worked with well-known clients such as Comcast, LG Electronics, Chicago Police Department, Morehouse School of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago and many more. As a motivational speaker she empowers people to know their true value, operate at their optimal potential and shares with you how she overcame bullying and the temptation of suicide.

Ericka was most recently nominated by the Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce in 2013 for Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for her own business “the story of e”. She has been on countless missions trips and serves her community through her local church. She also created a blog called “U Goal Girl” in which she talks about her own goals and encourages others to accomplish theirs.

Ericka is passionate and loves helping people know their true value. She believes once a person knows their value then they can accomplish their dreams. Ericka’s goal is to partner with high schools, colleges, and organizations to help people become who they already are inside.



Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open

PRESENTER: Charmaine Moore, Founder of Face of Hope & Beauty

No more feeling stuck and powerless! Come be enlightened and empowered to create your best life. During this fun and interactive workshop you will learn some very practical but necessary tools that will help you to see where you want to go in life and manifest the life of your dreams. This workshop includes a Q & A session and life tool worksheets.

Visualize 2020: Interactive Art Experience

PRESENTER: Victoria Reeves, Creativity/Career Coach

In any situation, we have the power to focus our intention on beauty, gratitude, abundance and our personal vision of success. The first step to creating a life that matches your dreams and goals is to clearly imagine and state what you want in words and images. In this interactive arts workshop, you will make a Vision Board, brainstorm using an Idea Map and walk away with tools to visualize YOUR FABULOUS 2020!


MODERATOR: Felicia Houston, UChicago Medicine Ingalls

PANEL: Alexandra Glumac, South Suburban College; Ericka Glorious Moore, Ericka Glorious Moore; Janet Wheeler, South Holland Vision Center

Are you ready for a forthright, truthful discussion about how to sharpen your focus for the year ahead? This panel of local experts (including keynote Ericka Glorious Moore!) will be talking about the importance of visualization, challenging disruptive and negative thoughts, taking your vision to action and much more! Join us for this enlightening conversation!

Dress for Success Fashion Show

PRESENTER: Rhonda Browne, Fashion Show Coordinator

Back by popular demand, join us for our dynamic fashion show where you’ll see the latest fashion trends from local retailors! Many different styles will be showcased with emphasis on transforming and recycling articles of clothing, putting together outfits that get you noticed and connecting you with area retailors that offer competitive pricing and the latest styles.


Stress Less for More Success

PRESENTER: Dr. Shola Ezeokoli, Founder of Balance with Dr. Shola

If you want total life harmony, peace of mind, clarity of purpose, health, happiness and prosperity; you are going to have to do something other than wishing, hoping, and waiting! The path is different for everyone, but you CAN HAVE IT ALL! In this workshop, Dr. Shola will share a common sense approach to handling different stressors, helping you to create total life harmony free from stress and burnout.

Stay Cool, It’s Only Menopause

PRESENTER: Dr. Kara Davis, Primary Care Physician with UChicago Medicine

Perimenopause and menopause are milestones in a woman’s life journey. This should be a time of rejoicing, not despair! Join Dr. Kara for a session that will help define, clarify an guide you through this season of life.

Finding Focus Amid the Clutter!

PRESENTER: Colleen Klimczak, Founder of Peace of Mind Professional Organizing

We are busier than ever before, and our homes and brains and lives feel so cluttered! In this class, we will learn time management strategies, clutter clearing skills, and easy stress relief tools that fit in your busy life. Take the time to learn to make time and be less stressed.


Look in the Mirror! Who Do You See?

PRESENTER: Joyce Kelley, Independent Investment Advisor Representative

Look in the mirror! Do you see yourself on the path of financial independence? Whether you’re 20 or 80 years old, financial independence brings security to live the lifestyle you dream of. In this session, Joyce will share the six steps to achieving fiscal self-sufficiency, discuss the pitfalls to avoid and myths we often believe. As a special takeaway, Joyce will provide you with financial timeline that will help you plan for your retirement.

What’s in your Toolbox? Developing Your Toolbox for Start-Up and Growth Companies

CO-PRESENTERS: Tasha Brown, Associate Director of Illinois Small Business Development Center at the Women’s Business Development Center South Suburbs and Vicki Brown, Director of Illinois Small Business Development Center at SSEGI (South Suburban Economic Growth Initiative)

This workshop is about identifying the tools needed to develop and accelerate your company’s growth. Learn about the resources available through the Illinois Small Business Development Center at SSEGI and the Women’s Business Development Center. Participants will leave with a list of tools and resources they can employ right away for the development and growth of their company.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Turning Passions Into Profits

MODERATOR: Blevian Moore, Executive Director of South Holland Business Association

PANEL: Edie Dobrez, Homewood Science Center; Danielle Mitchell, Average Black Girl; Jacqueline Sanders, TruVision

Is it possible to turn your hobbies into a money-making venture? The ladies on this panel did just that and have experienced tremendous successes. Get the information you need to do the same during this powerhouse panel discussion!